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Direct Billing to Your Insurance

We can direct bill most insurance companies, and work hard to help you maximize your insurance benefits. We offer two payment options for your bill:

“Pay As You Go” Option

Basically means you pay your bill in full before leaving the office. We still submit your insurance claim for you but request that the payment be sent directly to you. This option is beneficial for patients that want to optimize the rewards on their credit cards.

“Direct Billing” to Your Insurance

We will submit your dental claim directly to your insurance company with payment sent to us. When the insurance company provides us with the payment breakdown you are responsible for paying the balance.

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We Work With Your Insurance

If you are having major work (crowns, bridges, etc.) done, our office is more than happy to send a pre-determination to your insurance company and they will let you know how much of your treatment plan will be covered. Any additional expenses will be paid for out of pocket.

When having major work done, we will often ask for a deposit, typically amounting to half of the bill. This will cover the costs of third-party lab bills, and reduce the amount of your balance once insurance pays out. Dr. Dan and the staff at SmileSense pride ourselves on being open and honest when it comes to collecting money and billing. Please, always ask if you have any questions regarding treatment or costs.

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