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Our Free Consult visit is intended to provide you with a brief overview and/or second opinion. Dr. Dan will sit down and discuss your concerns with you. The appointment does not include an extensive diagnosis or new x-rays.

Our office typically does a check-up every 6 months for children, and every 12 months for adults. One of our staff will take x-rays, and Dr. Dan will look in your mouth, review the x-rays, and diagnose any problems.

Yes! But it is very important to follow the instructions regarding how long to keep the whitening product in your mouth, and how often to use the whitening product. We provide one set of free custom bleaching trays for all of our patients.

Root Canals, Extractions, Broken Fillings, Infections and more. Dr. Dan is happy to help you with any dental emergency you may be experiencing!

We are often able to accommodate same day appointments for emergencies, but we do recommend you call ahead to minimize wait times.

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