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Reliable Family Dentistry in Sherwood Park

Whether you need a dentist for yourself, your child, or the older members of your family, SmileSense can answer the call. Our warm, professional staff loves working with children and can help them get excited about their oral health. We recognize that instituting an oral health care regimen at an early age will provide long-term benefits. Not only will baby teeth remain healthy and pave the way for adult teeth, but such a routine will transition into adulthood for healthy teeth that last. As a local dentist in Sherwood Park, AB, we are committed to growing with your family. Therefore, we offer convenient family dentistry appointments, providing care for the whole household. Call us today to schedule a family dental appointment for you and your loved ones.

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Offering Gentle Dentistry for the Children in Your Family

Setting your child on a path toward a lifetime of oral health begins at an early stage. Dental professionals suggest children should visit a family dentist around the age of 2, or sooner if a parent has a specific concern. Early dental visits accomplish several goals. Your child will become familiar with our family dentistry, the staff, and the equipment, helping avoid any phobias that could develop by waiting. Additionally, it allows our team to perform a quick examination to check for any potential issues. During your visit, we will also help prepare parents for ways to promote good oral hygiene at home. Baby teeth are an influential factor in the development of adult teeth. If a child’s baby teeth decay or fall out before adult teeth are ready, it can cause spacing issues that may affect speech or chewing. We strive to provide gentle and caring dentistry services for your child to help keep them excited about the dentist, which will help them maintain a healthy mouth.

Comprehensive Family Dental Services

Our team of dental professionals takes pride in helping our patients have happy and healthy smiles. SmileSense in Sherwood Park, AB strives to accomplish this by providing comprehensive treatment including preventative dentistry, restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

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Preventive Dentistry

The aim of preventive dentistry is to keep the teeth and gums healthy. As a family dentist one of the main avenues to achieve this objective is regular cleanings and check ups (including x-rays). Regular cleanings remove plaque, tartar and stain from our patients’ teeth. This helps to prevent gum disease, bone loss, tooth decay, and bad breath, while working to maintain overall oral health. SmileSense offers sedation options for patients that experience anxiety during dental procedures, including cleanings.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Not all dentistry is related to preventing tooth decay or restoring wear and tear. For many of our patients cosmetic dentistry is a desirable option. Please book a free consult if you would like to discuss cosmetic dental treatment with Dr. Dan. SmileSense is happy to offer all of our patients one free whitening kit. The whitening kits typically produce results within two weeks for most patients. A SmileSense staff member will explain how to use the kit, which includes customized trays that we make using impressions of your teeth. Please consult our friendly staff to learn more about your whitening options.

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Restorative Dentistry

Even with regular visits to the dentist, and proper brushing and flossing, oral health issues may arise. SmileSense is available to help address any problems you or a loved one may experience in Sherwood Park, AB. Some of the common procedures used to treat tooth decay, gum disease and cavities are:

  • Crowns: Provide a strong new top to your tooth, and can typically repair extensive damage.
  • Bridges: This dental solution uses multiple crowns to bridge a gap between healthy teeth.
  • Fillings: SmileSense uses fillings to restore areas of your teeth that have been decayed by cavities.
  • Root Canal: Infected tissue is removed from the roots of your teeth and replaced with a special filling material.
  • Implants: A titanium post and Zirconia crown can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. Or multiple titanium posts can be used to anchor a denture.
  • Extractions: When necessary, Dr. Dan can remove a tooth (or multiple teeth), and this is often done with sedation.

Schedule a Family Dental Appointment Today

SmileSense offers a comprehensive set of dental services for your family’s dental and oral health needs. Our friendly and caring staff strive to provide excellent customer service and care for patients of all ages. We all live locally, and treat our patients like neighbors. We are excited to see your smiles in our office and in our community. Call us today at 780-467-3388 to schedule an appointment, or fill our our online form.

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