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General Dentistry Services Provided in Sherwood Park, AB

SmileSense is a place where you can go to get dental services provided in a warm and caring environment. We are currently accepting new patients and hope you will be one of them! We provide dental treatment for people of all ages and all dental health levels. Our team is inclusive and friendly, and tries to make sure you feel welcome and comfortable while visiting our office. We will always take the time to answer your questions, and we work hard to provide you with a positive experience at our dental practice.


Common General Dentistry Procedures

General dentistry is a term that covers many different important procedures, ranging from the routine to the highly specialized. Below is a list of some of the most common general dentistry procedures and a brief explanation of each.


Crowns can repair teeth that are extensively damaged. They are caps that come in various materials and give your tooth a strong new top.


Bridges can replace missing teeth by using a fused unit of 3 or more crowns to “bridge” the gap between your remaining teeth.


Fillings are very common and they get their name because they “fill” in areas of teeth that have become decayed by cavities.

Root Canal Therapy

The Root Canal procedure involves removing infected tissue from inside the root(s) of the tooth, filling it, and then capping it with a crown.

Teeth Cleanings

The most common procedure by far and one that you should get regularly! Cleanings remove plaque, tartar and stain from your teeth, keeping your gums healthy and your teeth looking great.


Missing teeth can be replaced with an implant and crown for a single tooth, multiple teeth can be replaced with an implant bridge, or implants to be used to ‘anchor’ a denture.


Whether you need one tooth or several teeth removed, let Dr. Dan assess your mouth and recommend a plan for extractions, which can include sedation.

While these are a few of the procedures we handle here, there are many more as well. Be sure to reach out if you have any questions about the services we offer.

No Better Price Than Free!

If you’re still on the fence about setting up an appointment, we have one great piece of news that might tip things over the edge. We offer free consultations to all our patients! We want to make sure you get the information you need prior to making any big dental decisions, so we hope this opportunity allows you to make the most educated choice for the betterment of your oral health.

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