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Sedation Dentistry in Alberta

SmileSense has been providing quality dental care to Sherwood Park, AB and the surrounding areas for almost 15 years. Our patients keep coming back because we work hard to make them feel taken care of. We are empathetic to patients who have anxiety or phobias about visiting the dentist, or about more complicated dental procedures. SmileSense provides two Sedation options for patients to help with these concerns, taking some of the fear out of dental visits and allowing patients to relax during their treatment.


Forms of Sedation Dentistry

No matter what form of sedation you choose, there will be some restrictions regarding what you can eat or drink before your appointment. Specific instructions will be provided to you at your consult appointment.

IV Sedation

IV Sedation is similar to general anesthetic but less intense. Your medical history will be checked and important markers will be monitored throughout your visit by a Registered Nurse or an Advanced Care Paramedic. The medication will be administered through an IV, and will suppress your consciousness while allowing you to breathe on your own. You will need an adult to take you home and monitor you for 24 – 48 hours, with instructions provided at the appointment.

Nitrous Oxide

Often referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a breathable gas that works best on children. It is intended to help patients relax for their dental procedure. When the procedure is complete, the patient will breathe pure oxygen for 5 minutes to flush the remaining Nitrous out of their system. Patients are required to be discharged into the care of a responsible adult.

Why Choose SmileSense for Your Sedation Dentistry Needs?

SmileSense is a dental office that strives to give you and your loved ones the best dental experience possible. We offer sedation to help take the fear out of going to the dentist and hope that you give us a chance to show you how comfortable a dentist visit can really be.

There is no referral necessary for sedation. A consult will be needed prior to your appointment, to give Dr. Dan an opportunity to review your medical history and accurately assess which type of sedation will work best for you.

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